He sat there, rolling over and over in his mind what he was about to do. Would it be worth it? Was he making a mistake? Was he ready to do something like this?

The lights changed and he knew it was time. He stood up; surrounded by sheep trotting along in carefree aimlessness, he was determined and resolved. 

He waited. He boarded his vessel and the warm, long arduous wait began. For what seemed like an eternity he waited still, until finally he was released from his bondage and forced into a new land, into what he had both longed for, for so many months, yet feared at the same time. It was he who wandered now, lost and confused he passed through many different places, looking for what he knew would relieve the stress of his endeavour.

He walked on, thinking of the times passed, his anticipation growing with each thought. His pace quickened, his senses heightened. He composed himself. It was time. Time to see if this was worth it.

He came to a halt. The first barrier approached. The gatekeeper looked at him with accusing eyes, yet he stood firm in his resolve, and grudgingly he was let through into the kingdom beyond.

Shock. Disappointment. Fear. Regret

He stood silently, searching. He could not see his salvation. He could not see his saviour.




He rushed around now, searching through a complex he had no knowledge of. With each step his heart quickened, what had been anticipation mere moments ago was now fear. 

 He looked at the signs, he worried frantically if he had made a fatal error.  Yet here was hope. A man sat there, non-chalant as if time itself was no issue for him. 

He pleaded with the man and was rewarded. He found his direction. A new conviction. 

He couldn’t have made a mistake, could he?

His pace quickened, his heart beat faster with anticipation, his salvation was in sight. 

Yet still, he was not there.

A guardian blocked his path, he quickly found ways to move around it, to close the final gap.

There she was.

His salvation.

She ran to him, they came together like two halves of a whole. One heart beat together and he felt euphoria rush through them, he knew know that he was no longer himself. No longer alone. But finally he was with his love.

Finally they were one.


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