The Truth about Atheism (Dawkinism)




We’ve all seen it, on youtube, on social media, in books, hell even on TV.

Atheism is everywhere, and some would say, that’s a good thing. 

But is it really a good thing? “Of course it is, people have a right to believe whatever they want to believe” I hear you cry. Well yeah, some would say that. And I totally agree with that. But the problem with this argument is that the vast majority of atheists do not seem to agree with this statement, unless of course, it’s in regards to them themselves.

I find it pretty ironic, that these same atheists accuse Christians of forcing there beliefs unto others, whilst at the same time denouncing anyone with the “audacity” to mention their religious beliefs on a public platform as an idiot. On the same breath, usually reciting the same old arguments about how religion is even due to the crusades and their views on homosexuality…ya, da, da.

The fact is, if anyone is forcing their beliefs on ANYONE in European society it is the Dawkinists, as one might call them. Their arguments about why religion is a bad thing are totally ridiculous. For one, their condemnation of Christianity as a war starter is ridiculous at best. There are very few wars where Christianity has been the driving reason behind them. Even the Crusades weren’t really about the crusades. Most of the so-called “religious wars” in Christian history were simply a case of Christianity being used as a Cassus belli in order to fulfill some need the the particular state had. The Crusades themselves, were not so much about reclaiming the holy land, or driving the Muslims out of it, but as a way of cementing the power of the Church over the Holy Roman Emperor and finding a area in which European trading powers could directly access the trade of the east without it having to pass through Constantinople, home of the corrupt Byzantine court, with it’s high tariffs and rocky relationship with Western Europe. 

The Reconquista, was far less about Christianity also, Christianity, was, again, simply used as a Cassus belli in order for the Princes of the northern Hispanic peninsula to gain greater wealth and resources, without the support of it’s Catholic people and other Catholic princes, these states would have faced great difficulty in achieving these goals. Thus, Christianity would have been used as a at the time, justifiable reason for war. Think, of the war on terror, the American government invaded Iraq in the name of the war on terror, that was IT’S Cassus Belli despite the fact there was no evidence Iraq had any WMD’s or had any part in 9/11. Now you have an idea of why religion was used as a way of selling a war to a population in the past.

Any atheist, who believes that there would somehow be less war without religion, is deluded and devoid of any historical knowledge. One only needs to look at the Cult of Reason in revolutionary France, or at the Social-Darwinism of Hitler’s Germany, or to the Gulags of Soviet Russia, to see that non-religious, arguably atheist concepts have already killed more than any single religious war ever did.

Yet to the Atheist, this historical context is ignored, when unable to respond to it, the atheist moves on to why God doesn’t exist. Exhibiting an arrogance so profound it baffles. The Atheist seems unable to comprehend, that applying the scientific method to the existence of God, goes against religious and philosophical thinking since the time of the Greeks. 

Since the birth of Greek philosophy it’s generally been assumed that any religious deity is not on the plane of existence, or a part of this universe. For the atheist to demand that proof be given for the existence of any God is totally nonsensical. No religious person could possibly answer such a claim, as it’s simply not in their belief system that God is of this universe. So the arrogance of atheism in demanding that religious people should justify an assumption that atheism is making themselves is absolutely astounding.

For the outsider one whom is neither an atheist nor religious (such as myself) it seems like the vast majority of these Dawkinist atheists seem to lack basic understanding of how religion works, or even how science itself operates. The fact that many of the scientists working on theories such as the big bang, are religious, seems to be absolutely lost on them.

The general assumption that all religious people are simply imbeciles seems to be made by the younger generation of atheists, atheists taught on Dawkinist beliefs. These atheists seem to be fuelled by the hypocritical notion, that they are right, and thus can act in any way they want in regards to religious people and there beliefs. Whilst at the same time, demanding that they should be treated with respect by those of religious persuasion. And ironically, demanding that they do not “force” their religious beliefs upon others, whilst at the same time, telling them not to believe in the “tooth fairy”.

Other reasons supposedly justifying the hatred towards Christianity exhibited by atheism is Christianity’s viewpoint on homosexuality. This has recently been a big issue in the western world regarding the church’s attitude to gay marriage. In this regard, it’s important to note that Christianity can have whatever view on gay marriage that it wants to have. In the western world, marriage in a Christian ceremony that nowadays no one is forced to partake in. Many, both straight and gay couples now have civil partnerships instead. If Christianity is to be forced to change their views on something simply to appease another, minority group, then that does not justify atheisms view on the matter. As if someone came into their home and told them to change their views on christianity, lest become a bigot, they would rightly not be happy. The Church can do what it wants, within the Church. When we start changing groups views to appease others we enter shaky ground. The fact is that whilst atheism condemns Christianity’s view on homosexuality as homophobic, one could tar their own view on Christianity with a similar brush: Bigoted.

As such, the hypocrisy of atheist views never cease to amaze. And one wonders, why is the modern atheist like this? Why can they not follow a more agnostic approach, and keep their views to themselves? 

One must conclude that many of these atheists are young, and ill-informed about the world, easily influenced by Dawkins hate speech. Many of these young atheists are quite simply socially awkward young people who lack any special set of skills, or any particular interesting quality. They don’t have a sense of belonging, and quite often have felt abandoned by the churches of their youth. Such atheists quickly find solace in the arms of Dawkinism and suddenly find they are part of a movement which not only makes them feel part of something, but can protect their own insecurities by allowing them to act as though they were intellectuals, somehow above the so-called feeble minded religious masses. Armed with this knowledge, many feel free to trample on whomever’s belief system they want on social platforms, especially the internet, as they can rest assured that as soon as an intelligent, educated religious person comes willing to debate with them , that their fellow Dawkinists will save them by swarming the target and employing the much revered majority fallacy, seeking to silence their opponent by sheer force of numbers.

However, one must be fair. That these sad, lonely individuals have flocked to a movement that makes them feel (however wrongly) superior to the rest of humanity is not surprising, given their formerly lonely, helpless status. It is however a cause for concern, that the hate breeded by Dawkins will continue to attract more of these vulnerable human beings that will continue to spread poison across schools, workplaces and public platforms across the Western World.

And that, my friends, is the truth about modern Atheism (Dawkinism). It is nothing more than a misguided, ill informed movement of sad, lonely, insignificant human beings, desperate for recognition and a sense of belonging, guided by men who seek only to fuel hatred towards their fellows.

More must be done to save more of these poor individuals, perhaps by welcoming them into agnosticism, or Christianity, or simply educating them more in both sides of the argument, with factual, informed books, rather than hate breeding ones. So that they may come to their own beliefs and views on how the world works.



9 thoughts on “The Truth about Atheism (Dawkinism)”

  1. This author of this article seems so butt-hurt over atheism calm your raging boner down you went from an okay and intellectual argument to straight up name calling. Btw I’m an agnostic just so you know so I don’t like to take sides but I hate it when people who are intellectuals wannabe post dumb shit that is supposed to validate one sides’ argument but then just turn to name calling. Good day, I said good day!

    1. I never claimed to be an ‘intellectual’. On this blog I merely muse on certain subjects or write whatever comes to mind. I very rarely expect anyone to come across my posts at all, so I didnt write this to earn any brownie points with MENSA, believe it or not!

      As for the second half of the post, well, that is my theory on why some turn to ‘Dawkinism/Militant Atheism’
      (Whatever you wish to call it)and if it comes across as offensive to certain groups it wasn’t the intention – as I mentioned I dont really expect anyone to read what I post – but to be honest it can’t be helped that some people will always be offended when I voice my opinions on these subjects.

      Whether or not I am butthurt about atheism is entirely up to the reader, I like interpretation.

      1. Yeah it can’t be help that other people will always be offended when you voice your opinion so let me say that people who believes in god are weak minded individuals who desperately needs a fictional story and a silly fan base (church people) to fill a void in their sorry life, never truly having independence in their own minds. Moreover these poor gullible people are so delusional that many foolish Christians even results to spending hordes of hard earned cash on ineffective scams such as “miracle water” blessed by god in hopes of curing them of things such as cancer, arthritis, and even financial debt! Of course I really don’t mean what I wrote up there, as previously stated an agnostic man such as myself does not wish to take sides but you see how offensive that might be to Christians who reads it, I mean i was just voicing “my” opinion right? But instead of a relevant and valuable argument I very much like what you did used name calling and that was my biggest problem with your post, instead of proving your argument like a educated adult you resulted to what seems like a child’s’ tactics. Now good day!

      2. I would disagree. When it boils down to it, most of our opinions are subjective, it’s very hard to find evidence that would prove an opinion has 100% correct in reference to studies like this, as opposed to say Science, history or math. I feel I stated my reasons for believing this is why people become Dawkinists, but you may not see them as reasons as you dislike the outcome, or perhaps, the wording.

        This is what normally leads to debate, which is a very healthy thing for adults to do, although maybe it can turn out childish at times ;).

        Good day to you too good sir!

  2. I’m glad you agree with me on your childish behavior but before I go let me say something. You stated, “More must be done to save more of these poor individuals, perhaps by welcoming them into agnosticism, or Christianity” what gives you the right and power to decide what’s right for these complete stranger you know nothing about, atheism is not an illness that man needs saving from for we are created with free will whether you believe that as a sin. Furthermore would you be accepting to a ideal that has its believer insult you and your religious beliefs then turn around and offers you to accept their beliefs as the truth. You must realize that for now there is no definite truth, scientists are so far away from finding the link between the evolutionary theory and the creation of the universe that it leaves us practically clueless and religion itself is no closer to proving their ideals for the only way to convince an atheist of the Christian’s truth is to see god or a miraculous miracle that completely stumps logic which I doubt will happen between our lifetime so for now there is no definite truth. Believe it or not religion and atheism are two sides of the same coin for in this case neither can be proven nor disproven. So finally let me say that I do agree with certain of your ideals, for instance you stated that one should listen to both sides, be factually informed about both opposing arguments before making judgements. I find that more than accurate yet you yourself did not even practice what you preached and instead made mass assumption and generalization on these young atheists. In conclusion I would like you to remember, “do to others as you would have them do to you”. Do not insult a group based on hasty ideals just for argument’s sake ignoring the fact that you would dislike their false assumption on your beliefs as well.

    1. I am well aware that no one has the answers, the fact you feel the need to point that out to me tells me you may have missed one of the points of this post.

      No one has a “right” to anything on this world. My personal belief is that Dawkinism is toxic and that is why I have been so aggressive toward ot in my post.

      1. Just stop… Everything you say is just self-contradicting. I don’t have anything more to hypocritical rambling idiot and btw it’s it*.

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