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Scottish Independence 2014 – Vote with your heart.


Should we vote yes? The question on the mind of all those who follow the current affairs of our great nation. The SNP leader Alex Salmond recently launched his ‘Vote yes’ campaign – a touching seminar was held with speeches from prominent identities from a plethora of different politcal persuasions: from Socialists to Free market activists, from parliamentary members to actors, from Nationalists to Environmentalists and Globalists, all were present.

But for many Scots the question remains, what exactly should we vote? The Queens jubilee weekend has seen union jacks flying on the street corners in many towns. But is this really, an embodiment of love for the Union? Or simply the embodiment of anti-Catholic sectarianism in our society? One must concur the latter is far more likely. We must not let the sheer idiocy of sectarian football fans – who unfortunately make up a large percentage of our populace – deter us from our right to self-determination.

So what should we vote?

The answer to that question, should be a resounding yes, yet  many argue that we simply would not be able to survive without the Union. They  point out “our” glorious shared history. Our shared history and heritage – of what? Of enslaving other nations and raping them of their resources? Of rampant colonialism and imperialism? Of killing million in the hundreds of war we have entered in name of “King and country”? For the love our great Queen, whom is here simply because our great union, our great bastion of freedom and equality – forbids a catholic to sit on the throne? Or for the creation of the terrible concept of concentration camps ( Yes, that WAS our idea, aren’t you just ever so proud to be British?) that we all condemn those terrible Nazis for?

‘That’s only one side of the story’, I hear you cry!

Yes yes, the Union has brought us many great things. Most notably, the Highland clearances, which forced literally thousands of Scots off of their land, or into poverty working for less than sustenance at the hands of London based landowners; But that’s okay right, since sheep were worth so much more the to the union than Scots. Or the great industry that made Scotland one of the richer nations of the 19th century? Ah yes the industry that was there to fuel all the raping and plundering mentioned in the previous paragraph, that our great nation enjoyed so much ! Or we could jump a little into the future and look at how the Union hid the 1970s McCrone report from the Scottish public, a report that showed our currency should we be independent would be one of the strongest in all of Europe – Because God forbid Scots have the right to make their own decisions, right? Or of course the well loved memory of the total obliteration of those lovely little staple industries which kept many Scots in a job, destroyed by dear old Maggie thatcher – leaving many Scots as part of an growing underclass which has never worked and never intend to, you know the type, we see them on our streets every day –  and how later the entire economy was built around London’s banking sector, leaving us with only oil as practically our only valuable national commodity – and just look how that’s worked out for us all with this recession caused by banking (Good work, Maggie!)

So, should we vote yes?

Yes, of course we should. We should vote yes because it is our right, not to be ruled by a party that only achieved one seat in Scotland during the last general election. We should vote yes, because it is our right, not to be forced into illegal wars that the people of Scotland demonstrated against, yet at the whim of our English and American masters, found their sons and daughters fighting and dying in. We should vote yes because it is our right to say we no longer wish to be  patronised and told we will never make it as a free nation by the BBC. A  broadcasting agency run from London, but in no way biased against the idea of Scottish independence or capable of telling us Scots what we “should” think about the issue. We should vote yes, because we can make it as a nation. Because we can become a strong, competitive economy in today’s world.

Because maybe,  just maybe we can give our children, and their children, a Scotland which we can be proud of. A Scotland in which we are the masters, a Scotland independent of foreign rule, a Scotland where our children can grow up, confident of their nations ability to run it’s own affairs.

Whatever you choose to think of this piece, when the time comes for the referendum. Disregard all doubt from mind, and simply vote with your heart.