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Staring at a deep blue sky as euphoric melodies pound his senses he focus’ on the murder overhead; His eyes gradually fall to gaze over an broken creature, it’s head dipped and lined against the cold back drop of January frost. The creature’s eyes meet his – only for an instant; He witnesses images of a thousand winters past, chillingly he breaks away his gaze from the creature; As it turns it’s head the melody falls, revealing the soft sound of the wind, blurred slightly as he turns his head. A beautiful tune picks up slowly reminding him of Summer’s past as he gazes toward a shadowly figure, looming underneath an rustic canopy, silent and unmoving so resembling nothing more than an grotesque manifestation of broken hearts and forgotten memories.

He tears his gaze away; Looking out over the road he see’s what he is waiting for, the soft tread of feet on gravel path overcomes the gentle, infantile melody that plays over his sense, lighting them. The sound of wailing and of despair breaks over him as he and many others gather around a small sign…restless.
Light breaks over him as darkness passes by; calmly he shuffles in between several figures, the sound of howling despair slowly being replaced by a tidal like symphony of euphoric bliss.


Everything is silent.

A face stares back at him. It’s eyes full of haunt and despair. He turns his head again, dipped slightly he steps forward. When he raises his eyes the sun blinds him with it’s intensity, he turns quickly, shying from it’s accusing, lingering gaze. He hurries, climbing n dark stair case as many dark figures watch him silent; yet unobservant, reflecting upon their own tired, pedantic existence.

Oblivious to them he reaches the top of the stair case and looks out towards the sea, the sun still rising slowly as it illuminates all but the outer corners of the coastline, he smiles ruefully as he notices it and sits down.

To his left a man stirs, wide grinned and toothless he lies lolling against the revealing morning light, small holes dotted across arm illuminated as if curiously by the winter sun.

He looks away.

His gaze falls upon another face, staring at him. The face is filled with something strange to the boy, it’s eyes are light and carefree wheras his are dark and anxious. He stares deeper into the blue; As he gazes – with almost morbid curiosity – the face laughs gleefully and it’s eye’s light up at his shock at such a sound.
Smiling he realises it is his face, his eyes filled with an thousand dreams and his head with naive adolescant thoughts.

He sits back as basking in the light, grinning he gazes out infront of him as the darkness behind him and those whom it has taken fall further and further behind.