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The Betrayal


A single word rang out in his mind as he gazed upon the mess he had created.

I loved him as a brother, not just as a man. 

What have I done?

The dagger dropped from his hand as he gazed at the broken wreck of a man he had betrayed. His mind’s eye gazed into long lost summers, as boys they had ran through the fields, climbed trees, stole crops. All of it together. 

As men they had shared grief at the loss of comrades, toasted accomplishments in mutual joy, fought together, bickered over woman. Again, all of it together.

Suddenly he snapped back into reality, his thoughts interrupted by footsteps on the cold marble floor.
Slowly he turned to face the newcomer. For a moment he could not register what he saw, before finally the colour drained from his face and he began to tremble.

“I’m sorry” He whispered half to the stranger and half to the body of his friend at his feet.

A cold bony finger reached out and touched his cheek gently.

And he began to weep as the darkness fell.